Comparing the 2019 non-tender team to the 2019 Blue Jays

Some Major League Baseball teams had to make some difficult decisions as to who to non-tender this week, causing an inevitable stir and debate as to who should (or should not have) been non-tendered. Beat reporters rushed to get news out and swamis or fans pulled out stat sheets to compare their choices against those of the general managers and executives who actually made the decisions
As is always the case, there are those who aggregate such players and compare them to already existing clubs in a quasi-OOTP fashion. 
One of them, John Metzler, an astute Blue Jays fan who can found on Twitter as @bluejaysbeat, put together a list of the most valuable (and most intriguing) players who were non-tendered before Monday’s 8 PM EST deadline.
In a semi-sarcastic tone, Metzler posited that the team of “rejects” could finish higher in the standings than the 2020 Baltimore Orioles. While that’s certainly possible, it’s not entirely easy to predict. The offseason is far from over and the Orioles could conceivably still add to their team to increase their chances of putting together a passable team.
But what about the 2019 Blue Jays? 
In a short and potentially useless bit of …

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Author: Hayden Godfrey / Blue Jays Nation

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