Can the real Auston Matthews please stand up?

Let’s get a couple things out of the way.
Auston Matthews is a saint. Best Leafs forward in, well, maybe ever. Without freaking out too much, he’s behind just Rick Vaive and Dave Andreychuk in terms of goals per game by a Leaf (min 100 games) since, well, the 1930s, in an era with less scoring than either of those two. We know how how good he is. You know how good he is. He scores in bunches on the power play and at even strength and he sometimes takes over a game with just the flick of a wrist or two.
He is also, if you’d believe it: the youngest player on Toronto, and the third youngest player in the series.
All that out of the way? Everyone in agreement Matthews is great? Wonderful.
Watch these, if you want to remember the type of playoff player he can be.

Tonight’s game three marks the 16th playoff game of young Matthews’ career.  In nine of those fifteen games, Matthews has registered zero points. In just one of them (Toronto’s game 3 victory over Washington in 2017), the 2016 first overall draft pick has registered more …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

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