Bo Bichette’s beautiful swing gets some major love on MLB Network

Does Bo Bichette’s swing remind you of anyone’s? Aside from his father Dante, when Bo hacks at the plate, his swing takes a page out the book of Josh Donaldson, Javier Baez and to a lesser degree, Jose Bautista.
There are worse swings to emulate, right?
There are many working parts to Bichette’s swing, but it’s like watching poetry in motion at the plate. The leg lift, the foot plant, the hip pivot and the hands exploding through the zone. I feel like I’m writing baseball erotica here.
Blue Jays fans aren’t the only ones gushing over the team’s 21-year-old shortstop. The number eight prospect in baseball received some love from the analysts at MLB Network.
Former Blue Jay Mark DeRosa broke down Bichette’s swing on this highly informative segment from MLB Central.

Just like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bichette isn’t hoping to punch holes in the infield; he’s swinging for the fences every single time. DeRosa picked up on that, too.
“What I love about Bo Bichette is with no strikes and with one strike he is trying to do exactly the same thing, he is trying to go deep.”

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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