Blue Jays manager John Schneider saves local woman from choking with Heimlich maneuver

Not all heroes wear capes, as evidenced by Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider on Saturday.
While attending lunch at a local restaurant in the Dunedin area with his wife, Jess, a woman at another table started choking on a piece of shrimp and immediately sought help from those around her. Schneider, who learned the Heimlich maneuver in grade school, jumped out of his chair to provide first aid and ended up saving the woman’s life.
Afterwards, the Blue Jays’ skipper was treated to a round of applause and a free beer, which assisted with calming down his heart rate after performing a life-saving feat.
“I was a little bit rattled afterwards, so the beer did come in handy,” Schneider explained.

John Schneider said he learned the Heimlich Maneuver back in 6th grade, which came in handy yesterday when he saved a woman from choking on shrimp at a Dunedin restaurant.
His reward: a free beer.
“I was a little bit rattled afterwards, so the beer did come in handy.” #BlueJays
— Keegan Matheson (@KeeganMatheson) February 19, 2023

Schneider is regularly required to perform under pressure at the ballpark. This time, however, he was thrust into a high-stress situation away from baseball and did not think twice about performing a heroic act. He was simply in the right place at the right time.
The Princeton, New Jersey, native also revealed new information regarding the club’s celebratory home-run jacket, saying it might be time for a change. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but they intend to celebrate more accomplishments than just hitting round-trippers.
“It wouldn’t be surprising i …

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Author: Thomas Hall / Blue Jays Nation

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