Baseball Savant’s Spin Mirroring Tool and the Blue Jays’ pitchers

Baseball Savant unveiled a new tool last week, spin mirroring. With Hawk-Eye cameras installed they are able to measure the direction of pitch spin. With this information we are able to see how pitches play off of each other or “mirror.” Mike Petriello at wrote an introductory piece on this, explaining what this is and how it works. I would highly recommended reading that if you haven’t already.
With this tool, I took a look at few Blue Jays pitchers who jumped out to me.
Who needs Velocity?
Hyun-Jin Ryu’s first season with the Blue Jays went about as well as anyone could have hoped. He made 12 starts, had a 2.69 ERA, finished third in the AL Cy Young Voting and helped the team reach the postseason for the first time since 2016. Ryu keeps hitters off balance with a five different pitches, which he can throw anytime in any count. With spin mirroring we can further see how those pitches move and why they are so difficult for hitters to pick up.

On the left we have the spin-based movement by pitch type, which is the spin of the ball coming out of the pitchers hand. It’ …

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Author: Paul Berthelot / Blue Jays Nation

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