Backfilling John Tavares

John Tavares is hurt and that is something we were promised couldn’t happen. At least not in a non-Olympic year. While there’s never a good time for an injury to a star player, the fact that the injury comes during a miserable 4-3-1 start to the year, where the Leafs are still yet to beat a team capable of getting within a sniff of the playoffs makes the timing especially bad.
Looking at the Leafs center situation really doesn’t help matters. You’ve got Auston Matthews who is the bright spot in this story, followed by reformed winger Alex Kerfoot, who we can now safely call a center, and Freddie Gauthier, who really should not be considered as someone who can move up beyond a fourth line role, unless the Leafs are going to drastically shift towards a shutdown line situation for their third line, and frankly the thought of that is causing bleeding in my brain.
Currently on the roster there are center options in the form of Jason Spezza, Nick Shore, Nic Petan, and of course, William Nylander, who you may remember from his stint as a center last year which caused half of …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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