Auston Matthews stars in ‘Lazlo Holmes’ video

From his original bit as the character Lazlo Holmes, Chance the Rapper has continued to interview players as the “I shouldn’t really be here” reporter. Now it’s the Leafs star’s turn to get the experience.

Who are some of the ‘hockeyers’ Auston Matthews (@AM34) looked up to as a kid?
Ace reporter Lazlo Holmes asks the tough questions in an exclusive interview with the @MapleLeafs star.
— NHL (@NHL) October 17, 2019

Really trying to grasp onto any sort of personality, but Matthews appears to be as straight-faced as ever when it comes to this video. We’ve been privy to it before, but the Leafs forward just appears to not go along with anything in this edit.
From being baffled why his name has an ‘O’ in it, to trying to understand why he’s a hockey player from Arizona — all the standard topics for Matthews was covered in this brief comedic video.
In the undying attempt to be modern and for the young people, the NHL attaches itself to whatever trendy meme is taking place and drives it down until it’s greeted with blank stares and eventually not paid attention to.

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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