Attempting to fix the Leafs back-to-back problem

Apparently the Leafs did something horrible to whoever makes the NHL schedule, because they got off to a rough start in terms of the schedule this season. Four back-to-backs in October, another three in November, and another three in December.
Now, back-to-backs and the Leafs are actually quite the iconic duo. This has been their number of back-to-backs over the last ten seasons:
2019-20: 14
2018-19: 13
2017-18: 14
2016-17: 18
2015-16: 16
2014-15: 18
2013-14: 16
2012-13: 9 (were scheduled to play 14 in full-season schedule before lockout)
2011-12: 17
2010-11: 14
So, the fewest they’ve ever had in a full season was last year, when they only had to play 13 back-to-back games, and even then, that’s roughly middle of the pack.
Now, there are several things that go into this. The NHL loves to put the Leafs on Saturdays, but they also need to get their Friday and Sunday games in as well. Their close proximity to most of the Eastern Conference allows for them to easily have a home game and travel to a road game the next night (and vice versa).
So, let’s try and fix this. I’m going to attempt to get rid of some of the Leafs back-to-backs this season with …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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