Apparently the Blue Jays could be open to moving Lourdes Gurriel for pitching

When I wrote earlier today about Shi Davidi mentioning how teams around the league are kicking tires on Toronto’s young crop of catchers, I briefly mentioned how he cryptically brought up Lourdes Gurriel’s name in the discussion.

The interesting part here comes in the third paragraph, in which Davidi explicitly says that Toronto’s young catchers (I imagine this would be Danny Jansen and Reese McGuire, but it could also involve names like Riley Adams and Alejandro Kirk in the minors) are garnering trade interest around the league. This comes after he offers a hypothetical situation in which the Jays trade Lourdes Gurriel after his strong-but-injury-shortened season in order to fill another position of need. I’m not sure there are any legs to the Gurriel thing beyond Davidi just offering an example, but the fact he suggests it and then says the young catchers are also garnering interest is somewhat interesting.
I figured there might be something to it, but really wanted to avoid being so desperate for off-season content that I wrote a post on the usage of the word also. Anyways, Scott Mitchell reported on Twitter today that Gurriel, in fact, is out there in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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