Apparently the Astros really needed to use their trash can to beat Cesar Valdez and the Blue Jays in 2017

This continues to be the winter of the Houston Asterisks.

With each passing day, more and more information is unearthed about the Astros and the extent to which they banged on trash cans to win baseball games. Yesterday, Tony Adams, an Astros fan, went back and watched all of Houston’s home games from the 2017 season in order to log who was getting signs relayed to them and when it happened. The results are, uh, pretty gross.

Astros trashcan bangs by date.
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— Tony Adams (@adams_at) January 29, 2020

The longest line on the X-axis? That belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays, who got shit-kicked 16-7 by the Astros at the beginning of August.
Before I dive into this, I’ll take a quick look at the only member of the Blue Jays who was involved. Derek Fisher received 16 bangs, which represents just 7.6 percent of the pitches he saw that season. The biggest benefactor was Marwin Gonzalez, who received 147 bangs, which was 18.9 percent of his pitches. That would explain why an otherwise pretty shit player posted a .907 OPS out of the blue that season.
The Astros …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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