Another way too early look at the Leafs and the expansion draft

Given that we don’t know when this season will start or end and when we’ll see the expansion draft it’s probably a bit premature to start planning for how the Leafs will approach it. Of course we’ve looked at this draft twice before on the site, so we’ve set a precedent with being okay with that. With new faces on the roster that changes some of the views on who the Leafs should protect and expose and some additional work that may need to be done will be highlighted below.
Like the Golden Knights draft, the Leafs find themselves in the optimal situation of, 1. sending a player to another conference rather than having them stay in the East, and 2. easily being able to protect their core players, and having most of their young players exempt from the draft. Not having to worry about losing or protecting players like Robertson and Sandin will be huge, as either one of those players can likely be counted on to replace whatever player is taken from the Leafs in the draft.
The rules for the expansion draft remain the same as they were for Vegas:

Current NHL teams can …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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