An Open Letter to the NHL

As a minority, I’m embarrassed to say that I watch the NHL so closely. I’m incredibly disappointed that the NHL isn’t taking proper action to condemn police brutality. Not once has the NHL said “Black Lives Matter.” It has only been said by Matt Dumba; we’ve seen Ryan Reaves kneel; and the fact that white players and executives aren’t explicitly saying “Black Lives Matter” or that so few players are kneeling (Tyler Seguin, Jason Dickinson, Robin Lehner) is incredibly frustrating. 
The #WeSkateFor hashtag is even more annoying. It’s been used to “condemn racism” with the following text as 
“black lives”
“justice, equality and black lives”
“community heroes”
but it’s also been used to celebrate, with the following text as: 
“StormSurges” from the Carolina Hurricanes
“TheTowel” for the Vancouver Canucks
“the #ALLCAPS family,” from the Washington Capitals
“Vegas” for the Golden Knights and its city
It’s been used to remember Colby Cave too, but there should …

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Author: Matthew Henriques / The Leafs Nation

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