Alright, let’s try this Battle of Ontario thing again

The Leafs look to rebound from a disappointing loss to the Ottawa Senators last night, with a win from this home-and-home series. Ottawa surprised Toronto and took control of the game from the Leafs in the second period, and got themselves a win out of it. Tonight, the Leafs will want to prove why a majority of people have them winning the North division this year, especially against a Sens team that many had finishing last.
It was a tale of two teams last night, as the Leafs were playing like an elite team playing a lottery team for the first half of the game, as they had 71.58% of the expected goals in the first, and at one point had 85% in the second. However, in the second half, they just gave up, as they finished the second with 46.98% of the expected goals, and had only 8.4% of them in the third. That’s right, 8.4%, a grand total of 0.08 expect goals. They played really bad.
They also didn’t get much help from Frederik Andersen in net. He let in a couple of stinkers again, and looked like he was swimming in his crease for quite a bit of the game. He …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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