Alexander Kerfoot moves up, Spezza included in new Leafs forward lines

Due to the broken finger suffered against the Washington Capitals ruling centre John Tavares out, the Maple Leafs have unveiled their new forward lines for the next couple of weeks with the all-star centre recovering.

New Maple Leafs lines:Johnsson-Matthews-NylanderMikheyev-Kerfoot-MarnerMoore-Spezza-KapanenTimashov-Gauthier-Shore
Nylander taking Tavares’s bumper spot on PP1.
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The first line has stayed cemented — even with the possibility of Nylander playing centre — while Kerfoot has moved up into the spot that Tavares occupied previously. The former Avalanche forward has been looking solid for a couple games recently and this streak of big minutes will surely put his skill to the test. Through eight games this season, Kerfoot has scored two goals and four points.
Joining him after a late-game promotion to the Tavares line in the game against the Caps, is fan favourite Ilya Mikheyev. The soupy forward has impressed and been without a doubt one of the most entertaining players on this Toronto team through the eight games. He already has familiarity with Kerfoot, as they were on the third line together with Trevor Moore.
After being a healthy scratch for a while now, Jason Spezza has returned into the Leafs lineup and has earned a …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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