After a career of Mar-highs, the 2018-19 season brought a Marleau

I guess the Leafs Ironman isn’t exactly a WAR Machine. (I’m sorry, I will try to delete this.)
Anyways, Patrick Marleau has long been one of my favourite players in the league, I guess since I’m qualifying my love of Marleau, and trying to establish how excited I was about him coming to Toronto, you can probably tell that I’m not going to say a whole lot of nice things about his 2018-19 season, and generally not have a lot of optimism about 2019-20 either.
The thing about Marleau is that I’m not the only one who is particularly fond of him. Pretty much the entire Leafs roster seems to like this guy as well, and his status as team Dad is somewhat important on a very young roster with a coach that isn’t known for being a “players coach.”
Marleau serves a purpose, and even with his production declining he’s still capable of filling a role within the NHL, what it is remains to be seen, but with a $6.25M cap hit coming up in the final year of his deal, well, he better be one hell of a Dad.
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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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