A front office with no fear of being smart can do wonders

If I had to pick who the best, say, three general managers in the NHL are at this moment, I’m not entirely sure who I’d narrow it down to. No doubt Kyle Dubas would be in there somewhere, but honestly, there are now a number of teams who seem to be doing good things at different levels, and if you asked the question to Dubas himself he’d probably say the same. A couple front offices like the Hurricanes and Avalanche seem to have turned a major corner, and clearly now rely on who they’ve hired in recent years to make analytically sound moves, skirting the risk of foolish overpayments and bad trades. Maybe Jeff Gorton and the Rangers are smart, I don’t know, their rebuild seems to be on a nice fast-track. Tampa obviously has something good going on, Boston constantly fills out their roster with capable players, the Blues have always been active on trade fronts and it finally paid off. It’s a weird landscape out there in terms of who’s ahead of who, and it seems to change a lot. Even Marc Bergevin has a few bold plays every year to …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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