A brief Collection of Players with More Games Played as a Leaf than Eric Lindros who your Uncle didn’t get mad at

You all need to find a better way to spend your summer. Seriously. This isn’t healthy.
Bright and early on Monday morning, William Nylander decided to shatter the hockey world forever with news that he would be changing his jersey number from #29 to #88 for this coming season. Soon after, cities burned. Civil society descended into chaos. Genetically enhanced apes waged their centuries-long war against the human race.
Or none of that happened, actually. Instead, a faction of Greater Toronto Area Uncles – whose Twitter bios feature more hashtags than followers and whose dinner-table conversations consist solely of “if Coach had just put me in back in ’86, we would’ve totally won State” – decided to throw a little hissy fit.
Which, frankly, is a completely natural response coming from this particular group. I mean, we’re talking about a bunch of guys who view pulling parking lot doughnuts in their 2001 Chevy Silverados as the healthiest outlet for processing emotion. What more did you expect?
Monday was a rough day for the Uncles. Going purely off their collection of barely-legible rage tweets, these fellas (and make no mistake, they are ALL fellas) were flabbergasted the most Nylander’s blatant disrespect decision for …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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