5 Thoughts from the Leafs shutout win vs. a bad hockey team

There was a lot of intrigue going into this game, as not only was this a game against the Islanders, who have become a rival of sorts since they replaced their ice rink with all the salt that the fans have been crying since Tavares left, but also, Sheldon Keefe had done the unthinkable: start Michael Hutchinson in a non-back to back situation.
Of course, any momentum for this game was killed by the Islanders and their refusal to actually play the game of hockey, and instead try to do nothing (a Mike Babcock classic).
Anyways, let’s break down the game and it’s most interesting points.
1. The Leafs can be whatever you want them to be
It’s hard to believe it, but the same team that won a game 8-6 a week ago, followed by back to back 5-4 games, and a 6-3 win just two days ago just played one of the stingiest games of hockey we’ve seen in the Matthews era, something Mike Babcock could never do apparently, despite trying to die on that hill.
Whether it’s shutdown hockey, a barn burner, relying on the stars, relying on …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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