5 thoughts from a blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Leafs played host to the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team that they either play well against, or play absolutely horribly against, depending on which team shows up.
Unfortunately for the Leafs, it was the latter, and the Leafs got blown out 7-3. The Leafs had a slight edge in even strength shot attempts at 53%, but when the game got out of hand, they had no juice left. Not to mention, Tampa had the 5v5 expected goals in their favour as well, 1.87-1.38.
All in all, not a good outing for the Leafs, so let’s take a deeper dive.
The Lightning are still pretty good at hockey
Going into tonight’s game, the Lightning were off to a bit of a slow start at 1-1-1, bad enough that Stamkos even called the team out on it.
And it wasn’t just poor percentages in a small sample size, they just weren’t playing well, period. Going into tonight’s game, they rocked a league worst 38.79% 5v5 CF%, as well as the second worst 5v5 xGF% with 38.9%.
But, it was also only three games, and they showed that tonight. They got Brayden Point back, who showed no signs of …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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