2022 Consolidated Seven Round Mock Draft

The rankings have been compiled, it’s time to get silly. The 2022 NHL Entry Draft begins tomorrow with the first round, before rounds 2-7 take place on Friday. With the draft finally here, every major outlet and public scout has released their rankings for 2022.
31 rankings have been compiled in recent weeks in order to form a consolidated list. A whopping 394 different players were ranked across the 31 rankings, with some as small as just the top 32 and others as large as the entire 225-pick draft. With this information gathered, we’ll look at how the top 225 consolidated players rank and the team that has the accompanying draft slot.
Rankings have been compiled from these outlets and some of their respective scouts:
Daily Faceoff
Dobber Prospects
Draft Prospects Hockey
Elite Prospects
Future Considerations
Hockey Prospecting
Recruit Scouting
Smaht Scouting
The Athletic
The Hockey News
The Hockey Writers
After compiling these lists and averaging each player’s rank across the 31 lists, the highest and lowest ranking for each player was removed from their average in order to eliminate any outlier results on either extreme. This, ideally, gives us a better and more accurate ranking.
Finally, a reminder that this is not how I think the draft will play out. This is simply the top 225 prospects from the consolidated list put in order with the team that owns the draft pick for that slot. This is not a prediction for how the draft will unfold, but …

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Author: Kyle Cushman / The Leafs Nation

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