2020 NHL Draft: Four Russians utilize extra 2020/21 games

With the 2020 NHL Entry Draft occurring nearly 4 months later than normal, scouts have a unique opportunity to catch some extra viewings. The KHL season is about 12 games in, the SHL is underway, and Liiga opened October 1st.
Besides the Russian leagues there won’t be too many games to scrutinize, but every point will draw more attention that players in North America don’t have available to them. If a team is undecided between a European and American prospect it is much better to watch shifts from the past week than months old USHL film. Many of the European prospects are also playing against better competition than they have seen in the past, which is very useful to evaluators.
For all these reasons, draft eligibles in the KHL could rocket up the draft boards by playing well early in the 20/21 season. These are some of the players that have taken advantage of that opportunity:
Yegor Chinakhov
The 5’11” RW is an early ’01 birthday, so he has already gone undrafted once. The reason he drew so much attention this time around was a jump from 16 MHL points to 69. That was enough to vault him Chinakhov into the 6th/7th round on some …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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