2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Jeremy Bracco

Jeremy Bracco
Position: RW
Physical: 5’9″, 181 pounds
2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: #5
Draft Information: 2nd round, 61st overall in 2015
Here’s the thing about Jeremy Bracco: no matter what you think of him, no matter how high or how low you are on his future in the NHL, there are at least three people on Twitter who vehemently disagree with your opinion.
Like, right now. You didn’t even need to Tweet it. Check your mentions. They’re there.
Bracco is, without a doubt, the most divisive young player in the entire Leafs system. No one else even comes close, frankly — a list which happens to include the former seventh-round pick who was converted to centre a few months ago and is now being pencilled in as the 4C of the future.
The consensus on Bracco is that there is no consensus. Ask any ten people what they think of the pint-sized playmaker and their responses will range from “Mitch Marner lite” to “cotton-soft bust”  to “future trade bait” along with everything else in between.
Are any of these accurate? Well, let’s find out.
Why is He In This Tier?
Before we move forward, let’s first kick things off with …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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