20 Things: Adversity is part of the process

Welcome to Blue Jays Nation’s Season In Review. Instead of doing boring-ass, standard player-by-player reviews or handing out some arbitrary report cards, I’m going to talk about 20 things that are on my mind heading into 2020. Today, we have what to make of Vlad Jr’s rookie season. 
The expectations placed on Vladimir Guerrero Jr. were so astronomical that there was almost no way his much-anticipated debut wasn’t going to be a letdown.

About a year ago, FanGraphs’ STEAMER came out with a projection that made Blue Jays fans giddy. They projected that Vlad Jr. would slash a .306/.368/.511 line with 22 bombs, good for 4.7 wins. Only 14 players in baseball were projected to be better than Vlad was projected to be over a 162-game season.
Those were massive expectations to place on the shoulder of a teenager. But it didn’t matter that he was a 19-year-old kid who wasn’t going to turn 20 until right before the start of the regular season. Vlad absolutely made a joke out of minor league baseball. He put up numbers that made it seem like he was using real-life video game cheat codes. Besides, after guys like Juan Soto and Ronald Acuna Jr. …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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