10 Things to be upset about now that Marner is signed

Few things say I want to be upset and fight about everything quite like saying you’re a Leafs fan. Happiness generally has not been in the cards for this franchise or at least not since our Grandfather’s were drinking lead paint martinis and calling their neighbours communist.
The fact that Marner has signed should give us a sense of euphoria as the Leafs will ice their best possible roster from day one of the season and could go start to finish relatively drama free this year. Okay, that’s a complete lie as we are still bitching about how much Marner is getting paid, although eventually that too will die down, and we are going to need new things to become divided on, and fight about. Here are the ten hills we’re all going to die on.
1. Cody Ceci playing defense
This one already has all the telltale signs of blowing up early. There’s a good divide forming between the “Cody Ceci is terrible” camp, and the “Cody Ceci deserves a chance” camp. Personally, I fall in the give him a chance camp, but with the cavaet of maybe not playing him in the top four …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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