10 Stories to watch for at the Rookie Tournament

Traverse City? More like Tavares City when the Leafs rookies are done with it, amirite? Folk’s?
Okay, fine. Getting excited for the Rookie Tournament isn’t as easy to do when it’s not a first look at players like Matthews, Marner, or Nylander, but it signals the shift away from the 10,000 Marner contract posts to much more important topics like how well is Adam Brooks skating? Sadly, that shift is a good thing.
With the tournament set to start on Friday, here are a few story lines worth taking a look at for the baby Leafs.
1. How has the summer treated Egor Korshkov?
Up until now there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about with the 2016 2nd rounder, but he’s now healthy, in North America, and has spent the summer getting acclimated to his new surroundings, it would be be great to see him be one of the standouts at rookie camp, and possibly hit the Leafs camp looking to steal a job from someone. That might be a tall order, but with high draft pickness comes great expectations.
2. 1st Serious Look at Nick Robertson
The reality is that no one has really been …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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