♫We’ve only just begun♫: What to expect from the Leafs this week

On the surface Sunday is a day of rest. No drafts, No roster freezes or unfreezes, and free agency is still a few days away. In fact you could incorrectly interpret the next three days as potentially slower ones leading up to the opening of free agency. That’s probably not the case at all and while today is an empty day on the NHL calendar, I imagine Kyle Dubas will want to keep his phone charged anyway. Here’s what the rest of the week looks like.
Monday: Qualifying Offers for Restricted Free Agents Due
This requires a bit of leg work for the Maple Leafs as they do still have a few restricted free agents that need to be dealt with. Denis Malgin, Nic Petan, Joseph Duszak, and Veini Vehviläinen will all need qualifying offers if the Leafs wish to retain their rights and not have them join unrestricted free agency. The catch. All four of the remaining restricted free agents have arbitration rights. Given that all four were primarily in Europe or the AHL last season, there’s absolutely no reason to believe the Leafs would be stuck with a steep price on any of these …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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